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Don’t Make The Fatal Mistake







All too often, retailers think all they need to do to succeed is to put up their web site. That is also, all too often, their fatal mistake. Blind Brokers Network has the knowledge and experience to direct your web marketing efforts so they bring in the web visitors you need to succeed. The other mistake businesses make is thinking that all they have to do is get the visitors to their web site. While this is important, you must also understand how to convert those visitors to take the action you want – whether it is to buy your products, fill out a form, or whatever. Don’t be fooled by purchased email lists and other techniques that are riddled with problems or that simply don’t work. Use the tried and true methods that Blind Brokers Network has learned and developed over the years.

The Truth About Search Engines

You will get most of your web site leads through search engines. But you have to be on the first (or second) screen of a search result to get attention. Really successful companies get in the top three listings on the first page. Don’t be fooled. You can’t buy your way on these lists. It takes hard work and time with all the competition today to get these prime listings. Even after you achieve such a listing, it takes continuing work to keep it. Yes, it is hard work but well worth the effort. It has made the difference between businesses that close down their web sites and those that flourish.

Until you can get a top ten search engine listing, you need to purchase pay-per-click ads if you want any chance of getting the attention of web browsers today. Blind Brokers Network knows how to pick the best search terms to purchase to minimize costs while maximizing effectiveness. If you do nothing else, do this!

Your Marketing Consultant Will Manage The Following For You:

  • Evaluate your overall web site effectiveness
  • Optimize your web site for search engine placements
  • Get you great placements in the search engines
  • Setup relevant cross-site links
  • Improve web site navigation and overall layout
  • Make Website content changes

Make Sure You Optimize The Right Way – Don’t Be Fooled

Blind Brokers Network knows that good search engine placement can be the difference between success and failure on the web. It’s also one of the most cost effective ways to advertise since almost 70% of everybody who will find your site will use a search engine to get there. Today it seems that every search engine is using different algorithms for listing websites. Blind Brokers Network has gained a great understanding of this process. We never use spamming or unethical listing methods that could get you kicked off the search engines. We use hard work and a detailed plan to make sure your website is placing as well as it can on search engines. Blind Brokers Network always tells our clients exactly what we are doing and never try to hide or mislead our clients.



If you’re a window covering company and currently marketing on the Internet you should be very excited. Your customers are turning to the Internet to find companies just like yours. It is the next wave of the Internet, or more like a Tsunami.

On the other hand, if you are sitting on the sidelines, you should be very concerned. For those retailers that do not adapt their marketing strategies, they will suffer grave consequences.

The Way Customer’s Search For Local Businesses Is Changing:

. 74% of U.S. households use the Internet as a source when shopping locally.
. 20% of all searches among this population are local.
. 45% of local searches had a buying intent.
. Within a year there has been a 13% decrease in yellow pages usage.
. Local marketing on the web is on a par with newspapers as a local shopping resource and should soon supersede newspapers.

The question is – when a prospect searches for your type of business on the Internet will they find YOU or your competitor? And if they find you, will you have a Internet marketing system in place that converts them into a profitable customer? If you cannot answer “Yes” to both of those questions, then you have a problem.

As a local business owner you are probably struggling to figure out this whole “Internet marketing thing.”

One of the obvious barriers a Window Covering Retailer confronts when attempting to market online is complexity and confusion. There’s obviously a learning curve and the whole process takes time. Unlike offline marketing, where strategies and techniques are time-honored, the Internet is relatively new to the promotional field. There are no standards or turnkey solutions.

The current problem retailers face is that everyone wants to sell you solutions. They want to sell you a web site solution, a search engine marketing solution, an e-mail marketing solution, etc. But these are all parts of the puzzle, and what you need is a complete system that uses all these parts and more to convert customers. You need a web conversion system. One that sucks in prospects and spits out profitable customers.

That System Should Consist Of Three Steps:

  • Site Building
  • Prospecting
  • Conversion

Site Building – Most Window Covering retailers are simply building online brochures, and in most cases really bad ones. The power of the Internet allows you to create a potent interface that lets you persuasively present your business, while interacting with your customers. It provides two-way communication, something lacking in all offline promotions.

Surprisingly, most web designers lack the ability to create a web conversion system. They have little comprehension of the power of web dynamics and how it applies to basic marketing techniques. They’re satisfied in building you an ineffectual online brochure, and will often charge considerable money for it,

They may pay lip service to marketing strategies like search engine optimization, pay per click advertising and email marketing. But in general they are incapable of implementing successful marketing campaigns. You need to educate yourself on how to make the Internet work for your business. They are few who are capable of doing it for you.

Prospecting - There is no denying there are tried and true offline techniques for marketing your local business. But the Internet offers opportunities to geo-target your customers like never before. There are two overpowering reasons why you need to market online:

. Your customers are increasingly turning to the Internet to search for local products and services like yours.

. The Internet offers the opportunity to significantly reduce your cost per acquisition.

Only a year ago there were few options for reaching your local audiences online, now the opportunities are exploding. The early players in this field are going to have a distinct advantage. Through search engine optimization, pay per click advertising and local directory listings you can explode your sales.

Customer Conversion - On a local level, customer conversion is more than getting a customer to walk into your showroom or give you a call–(although, that is one of the goals). Your focus is maximizing the lifetime value of your customer. The technology of the Internet allows you to not only interface with your customers, but also interact.

Through email newsletters, request forms, auto-responders and interactive programs, you can create an on-going dialogue with prospects, and form a trusted relationship with customers. And many of the conversion processes can be automated. That means when you are not open for business, your web conversion system is still in the process of converting. Only a very small number of businesses are tapping these conversion resources.

Are you starting to get a feel on how the Internet can impact your local business? With the right strategies you’ll be on the cutting edge of the next Internet wave. With the right knowledge you can avoid the “confusion and complexity.”


Steven Dale

Blind Brokers Network


100% of my customers now come from my website

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That’s right, 100% of all my new customers found me online.

Think about this: You spend $500 a month on the yellow pages and get mediocre results. You spend $1500-$2500 a month on direct mail and get good results.

OR you could do what I do: I spend $200 on my website and $850 on my Pay Per Click, sell $30K a month, @ a 33% net profit.  (I only sell here in Orange County)I use a install service for 95% of my installs. When I go on vacation I simply turn my Pay Per Click off, that way I’m not paying for leads while I’m on vacation. Using this formula I’ve been able to expand into San Diego, North Orange County and the inland Empire. By years end we’ll be in the South Bay and West LA.

Making your business duplicate-able is the key to success.

Steven K Dale

Only $199 a month for new customers.

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Get started for $399 set up and $199 a month.



How to piss off the competition

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How to Piss-Off your Competition:

I was calling on window covering retailers last week and made a startling discovery.

I was speaking with a guy who owns a window covering business with 3 locations. He was lamenting to me that in one of his locations he was having trouble being competitive due to a very aggressive on-line marketer. It seems the competitions website was dominating all local traffic.

He has 2 other site through 2 different web companies.  He contacted both and both told him they have no idea how to get him above this competitor. Then he consulted with a very large SEO company who also told him they were unsure how to fix this.

So he asked me if I could take a look. So I said sure, what’s the domain name?

It turns out it was one of our sites.

Learn how to Piss Off your competition.


Shutter Nation

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Shutter Nation is now open in:

http://www.shutternation.com  in Orange County

http://www.shutternationsd.com  in San Diego




Coming soon to the Inland Empire, Riverside, Los Angeles, South Bay and San Fernando Valley

26 leads in 60 days

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That’s how many leads we got for a new dealer. 100% from his website. Invest $399 start up and $199 a month and get 26 leads. That’s a very good return on your investment. It is because of this we have raised our prices to $299 a month. We will try and hold the $299 for the next few months then we will be going to $399 a month.


Websites for Window Covering Retailers

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Our new site is at http://www.exseedmarketing.com

In the past 2.5 years Blind Brokers has been expanding our websites for retailers and marketing services for window covering retailers. Check out the  new generation of “Lead Generating Websites”.  After 6 months of testing, the results are in and it’s very exciting. A member in OH received 7 leads in his first 10 days and 4 resulted in estimates. Our member in San Diego just booked  4 job in 2 weeks using his new website and a emails marketing system he learned from us. Our member in New Orleans stopped all other form of advertising because his new site is producing enough leads for his business. My own site generates 3-6 leads a month. Since my average sale results in over $600 in net profit, this is a great ROI.

Our new on-line and off-line marketing systems are based on our own window covering business. We are in the blind and shutter business. I know of NO other window covering marketing company that is actually in the industry.

COOL NEWS: I’ve met a guy who owns a retail blind and shutter business. He developed a android tablet system for estimates. We are trying to set up a deal where our members will be able to purchase the system. Stay tuned for updates.


Budget Blinds CEO to appear on Under Cover Boss

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Very good news for Budget Blinds. Congratulations.





Prepare For The New Facebook Timeline

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Back in September of last year, Facebook announced a new look to profiles. They called it “Timeline”. And now, the new Timeline layout is coming to Facebook Pages for businesses and brands on March 30th. Here’s a few things to prepare yourself and your business page for Timeline.

New Profile Picture Size And Cover Photo

In an effort to make a clean design, Facebook has changed the profile size to a square photo and they encourage this to be your logo. Something that is directly connected with your company that is recognizable immediately to your fans.

And now with Timeline, we can add what is called a cover photo. A cover photo is a banner image placed at the top of your Facebook page. This offers a great opportunity to display latest announcements and achievements that will get people’s attention as soon as they visit your page. In preparation, it would be good to have a cover photo ready for the 30th as this will leave a blank spot at the top of your page that could be utilized.

Also, Facebook does have a few rules for what can go into your cover photo. Promotional mentions such as “20% off” and coupons and contact information such as your phone number or address or website are not advised. It’s also not advised to have any call to action to “Like our page” or “Tell your friends” is something that should be avoided.

Private Messages

Here’s a feature that you will need to add to your list of things to monitor for your business, and that is, fans can now send private messages to your company. This is similar to how messages work between profiles, well now Facebook is bringing it to your company page. Allowing someone to send you messages to your company is a great way to stay in communication with your fans in a personal way, but keep it in one place with all your other company notifications.

Highlighted Posts, Milestones, And Pinned Posts

So this is probably where things get confusing, so let’s just go over them one by one.

  1. Highlighted Posts – The Facebook Timeline shows posts made by you in two columns. Posts show up on the left and right, but you can highlight a post that you make, which will make it extend the width of both columns. I was really looking more for a color change of sorts when they used the term “highlight” but making a post take up more space is a good way to bring attention.
  2. Milestones – This feature is great way to tell the history of your company. With milestones, you can add events and goals that have been hit by your company, at anytime in the past, So you can set the date of when the company was started, or the time when you hired your 10th employee, or moved into a new office building, or anything that you would think your fans and customers would find interesting.
  3. Pinned Posts – Posts that you  want to feature for a few days can now be pinned to the top for 7 days, no matter how long ago you posted it. It’s a great way to bring attention to possibly an on-going project or an event that you announced a while ago, but want to make mention of it again.

Focus On Your Posts And Recommendations

A major change that is coming with Timeline that we’ll see if it helps or hinders businesses in the future, is the way that posts by others and recommendations are displayed on your page. People that come to post on your wall are all grouped together in a box on your Timeline no matter if you have updated your page after them or not. So the focus is on the posts that you create. Making comments on your posts all the more valuable.

And I’ve written in the past about getting reviews andrecommendations for your company and Facebook is making this easier and more beneficial. When someone likes your page, it will ask them if they want to leave a recommendation about your company. With Timeline, recommendations are right at the top for everyone to see as soon as they visit, so getting recommendations is not only easier with Facebook asking them, but it’s more important now that it’s in a prominent place.

You can activate the new Timeline layout right now, but on March 30th, every Facebook page will be moved over to this new layout.

Blind Brokers Network and the Brick Wall

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Blind Brokers Network

For many years we have set up new entrepreneurs in the blind and shutter business. We hold 3 day trainings seminars at our offices in Southern California. Every few months we have 7-10 people that we get to know quite well. In our training room I had a 20×10 wall made of used brick. For 3 days I would talk about how to succeed in the Blind and Shutter Business. On the 3rd day I would introduce the concept of the brick wall. Many times young entrepreneurs would quit when they see the brick wall. The key is to learn how to navigate the brick wall. I would then ask them to go touch the brick wall, much to everyone’s surprise it was wall paper. So for 3 days they thought it was a real brick wall when in fact it was wall paper.

Many times what we see as a brick wall is only a facade. We need to make a choice. Go around, go over or go through it. Don’t let it stop you. Blind Brokers Network